Safe and Warm

Well, I’m finally uploading the pictures that I took last week on the way to and in California. In related news, I ordered a camera, as well—I’m already ready to start spending my new income, though I have no real conception of what my budget will be like living out there. Along those same lines, I was tipped off to a nice alternative to the Harley Sportster 883 that I’ve been fantasizing about for the last couple of years. Apparently Moto Guzzi out of Italy is like a Harley, but with a little more class. I’ll stop by the dealership and check it out once I’ve gotten settled in (I prefer the black one, by the way).

I also had some work done to my car for the road trip out: new tires—$315; new CV joints—$65 (down from the anticipated $280 because the Farm and Fleet guys screwed up); and new muffler and exhaust up to the catalytic converter—$377. The last thing I might need (but I think I might not need it right now) is an alignment, which could be as cheap as $30-35. More will be revealed.

4 thoughts on “Safe and Warm”

  1. let me know how that camera works out. I was thinking of getting a 2006 honda civic because of it’s avoidablity, relieablity, and high milage, don’t you have a honda? what model is it? how old is it?

    Also instead of a motercycle, may I suggest an zero-emition electric scooter. I’m sure they have dealerships in CA. I think the closest one to IL is in TX.

  2. I’m guessing you mean “affordability”…and yes, I’ve really enjoyed my Honda. Especially now that I’ve got it all fixed up! I’m betting that I’ll be able to hear the stereo when going 80, which will be a first!

    Anyway, the electric scooters are nice, but don’t have nearly the capacity for speed or distance necessary. for trips short enough to take that scooter, I’d be just as happy to take my Bianchi and improve my health in the process.

    As far as the font goes–a couple of old people were crying to me last week because they couldn’t read my stuff. I hope they’re happy now 😉

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