This freedom of will is such an illusion.
Even these words are results of confusion.
Small mind is simply unwanted intrusion,
Succumbs to those lies, still lives in delusion.

I spoke with you briefly and heard your distress:
My heart is so heavy because of this mess.
Your pain is enchanting; I want to regress,
But I know I should not embrace this duress.

What would you do with your vain revolution?
Remember that you propose no solution.
For what you call sins, you seek retribution.
Your passion and fury lack absolution.

Your noble intentions I will not berate.
Your actions, however, may come from your hate.
The anger inside you will not compensate
So now on compassion I will meditate.

I seek peace of mind and find my reaction:
No hostility in this interaction.
With practice I learn to guide all my action.
I now search for love, not dissatisfaction.

In the past, much like you, I sought agony
By picking the fights that did not concern me.
Now peaceful I find that life is always free,
But for that I need responsibility.

You push for love and find exasperation,
And now in this world, no cooperation.
Your humanity seeks emancipation
Time will soon come to rebuild your foundation.

And it seems that you think that I do not care,
Our times are so tough or that life is unfair.
In truth I now feel that the best I can share
Is freedom I have gained from pain I would bear.

Surrender, acceptance, my propositions
For what you say are such hopeless conditions.
Though my ideas have met opposition
I no longer feel a need for permission.

Relate to me, once, some truth that you value.
Perhaps, from that point, we might just continue.
Our hate we let go, then life we pursue
Immediately, a faith, we fall into.

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