(picture also appeared on just the beginnings of a very nice dinner at miko’s

Tim and sons
my brother and my nephews

Ferrara family
my brother and his family

so, as I said, I’m putting up a new poem today. I’ve got another forthcoming, but it will be a little while before I post it, so as to give you all plenty of time to enjoy this one. I’ve been quite busy with everything lately, but still have managed to steal away moments to see a couple of movies. The Constant Gardener was a good fictionalized representation of a serious issue facing the world, with a compelling mystery plot to drive it. Crash was good for raising awareness of social problems here in the US, though parts of it were difficult to watch. it was an impressive interweaving of various stories though, with well-drawn characters, for the most part. finally, there was Broken Flowers, a movie that puts Bill Murray into a role that reminds me a lot of what he played in Lost in Translation and Life Aquatic, but without all of the effort that it takes to actually resolve the plotline. it was enjoyable to watch, but as one viewer remarked: “the emperor has no clothes.” in other words, maybe jarmusch has deceptively employed artistic license as an excuse to not finish telling the story. you’ll have to watch it yourself and decide.

anyway, I’ve posted my new poem for you all to enjoy. more news later…

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