Pictures from the Drive Out

I’ve posted pictures of my drive out as well as a few of my dinner with family the night I left C-U.

The drive out was mostly pleasant, with exception of a break-down (the car, not me) in Omaha. Fortunately, or fortuitously, I was able to spend more time with my cousin Rich, a very interesting guy. We discussed life, politics, religion, and spirituality, all while waiting for the mechanics he’s worked with for the last twenty years to fix the parts that I thought I saved so much money on before.

Chatsworth is very nice so far. 80 degrees feels about like 65—at least in the shade, anyway. I’ve spent my time so far trying to find my way around both on the bicycle and in the car, and was able to hang out for at least one evening with some guys that I met while I was out for the Conference. I’m looking forward to starting work tomorrow, when I won’t have to worry about finding non-constructive ways to handle all of this free time to which I’m not accustomed.

2 thoughts on “Pictures from the Drive Out”

  1. Those are some nice pictures. I felt like I was on the open road! So you’re saying the stuff they replaced at Farm and Fleet are the same parts that later broke?

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