so it sucks about that whole election thing. oh, well…I’m working on getting a passport.

I submitted on monday 46 pages of memoir to my advanced expository writing class, a bit apologetic about how many pages my classmates would have to read and respond to. they took it in stride and provided me with a lot of helpful feedback in the workshop yesterday, and I walked out feeling pretty positive about putting more work into the piece. perhaps you can look for that soon in your local bookstore.

finally, I overslept today and didn’t make it to work to do some trivial assistant-management stuff, namely counting the money and taking it to the bank. the manager was a little upset, as there were a few other things that went wrong this morning, and she left me a voicemail saying that we might need to discuss having me go back to being a regular employee. going to school full-time has really affected my ability to function properly as the assistant manager, but up to this point, we were prolonging the inevitable. it’ll be nice to be able to continue working there without feeling like I’m not doing the best job that I can do…I just wish it could’ve been more, you know?

anyway…back to work…

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