On the Move

I saw kids on the corner last Saturday night, wearing bags on their heads.
I saw kids on the corner last Saturday night, wearing bags on their heads.

Tomorrow morning I’m hopping on a plane for Nagoya, just shy of three years after getting engaged in Tokyo, and just over a week after breaking off that engagement near LAX. While I’m in Japan, I’ll enter my thirtieth year here on Earth, my final year of trustworthiness. I guess my hopes of making my first $10 million before 30 are shot. :-/

I had the pleasure of reading some of my work for the Graduate Reading Series at CSUN last weekend, and I think it went pretty well. I could barely resist pointing out to the audience that the piece I read is a work-in-progress, and that there’s probably going to be a lot more to it at some point. I refrained, however, from trying to apologize for myself. I’m still waiting to hear about the TA program, at which point I’ll know whether I’m finishing CSUN this spring or the next.

Finally, I’ll be flying back to Illinois on Christmas Eve to visit with friends and family, and to collect all the countless books I left in Urbana three years ago. I’m even planning to get my own place so I have somewhere to store them. But then, maybe if some gets me some Nook-e for Xmas, I won’t need as much room? Come on, Santa. I’ve been good.

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  1. Hi Chris, thanks for sharing. I think you are well loved my many. I hope that your trip to Japan is a safe one and that you enjoy seeing your family for Christmas. December 7 1992 on a stormy Monday morning; my daughter Dawn was driving thru Malibu Canyon on her way to work in her VW Van that was about 30 years old at the time. Dawn was just barley 20 years old. She died that morning trying to do the right thing by going to work even though she was terrified of driving in the very stormy weather. Today, had she lived, she would be 37 years old. I still miss her…

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