Northern California Visit

Taking the Ferrara boys to the Children's Museum

I headed up to Northern California for the weekend. Jscrilla and yoda were in the Silicon Valley for some business, and they changed their flight from Friday to Saturday so we could hang out. Well I was broke as hell as of Thursday night and almost called the trip off, but they said if I could get up there they’d feed me and gas me up (those who know me know that feeding me is gassing me up), and a friend here was kind enough to loan me enough gas money to get up there. We went to the Golden Gate Bridge and sang the theme from Full House before heading down to Muir Woods to check out the trees and end up on the long trail that amounted to a 4-mile or so hike. Finally we ate dinner at the fisherman’s wharf before heading back to crash out for the night.

My brother had called to let me know that he had the flu, so he might not be able to hang out, and I might not want to go into his apartment for fear of getting contaminated, so after those guys got on the plane Saturday morning, I decided I’d just see if my brother’s wife and kids wanted to visit briefly before I got on the road. They all ended up coming out, including my brother, and I was able to take the two older boys out to the Children’s Museum to play around for a couple hours. It was lots of fun, and I’d have more pictures but I blew my battery on all the scenic pictures taken from the moving vehicle. They might be able to come down here to visit sometime, though, and then we’ll get some pictures at the zoo or something. For now, here are just a few pictures of the boys on our visit.

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