New Poem!

Check it out here. also, I’ve been going through doublemuse and cleaning up some of the links and stuff….there were more there than I thought when I cleaned it up before. when the semester is over, definitely look for more updates there, including revisions (I’ve come up with a new ending for “The Golden Cucumber”, which I will revise very soon) and posting more of the poems that I’ve written in the last year or so.

as far as the essays go, I really, really should get to writing that essay about spirituality and religion. I’ve had three great conversations this week about the issues that I want to touch on in that essay. of particular interest was the conversation that I had last thursday night, when I was hanging with a couple of friends outside the coffee shop. two guys approached and tried to start a conversation. normally, I’d be a little more indignant about that sort of thing (i.e. “I don’t know you; don’t talk to me!”<--but much more subtle than that), but jscrilla was with me, and he was a little more hospitable with them. we ended up having a really neat conversation that was not argumentative or adversarial. their questions were pointed and they were trying to find gaps in our understanding of things that their beliefs could supply “answers” to, but they couldn’t really get a foothold, and we were able to establish a bit of common ground in the area of practical values. overall, it was by far the most enjoyable time I’ve had with evangelists.

lastly, I went to see Sin City again. I really enjoyed it as a bit of a guilty pleasure—a movie that is over-the-top gruesome and man-oriented. it’s fun, though. . .

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