Never Enough

"Try giving up hope. It turns the bad feeling into emptiness."

Standing 15 pages tall and weighing in at 6,518 words, I give you the much anticipated Never Enough, chapter one. It’s been completely revised (even the section that was previously posted as “final edit”). More chapters will follow as I string together spare hours from weekend to weekend to continue the slow, not-so-steady progress. But I feel good about it. I might just have a novel finished by the time I’m thirty.

In other news, I’ve also busted open a sarcophagus to try to breathe some fresh life into the memoirs that I started in the Fall of 2004 (they look a little something like this). We’ll see how that project works out, too. Maybe I can aim for finishing that by the time I’m thirty-five, so I can float it out on the wave of my popularity as a novelist :)

nothing like ending the weekend with a little wishful thinking!

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