for all you thieves out there: music

I have saved my music to my domain host in order to avoid losing all of it should my computer ever die. that means that people who know where to look can steal my music. just so it’s known, I don’t feel perfectly comfortable ignoring copyright laws, as they’re supposed to protect artists…but on the other hand, I think that I would be happier as a writer who sells one book that two people read than to sell one book that one person reads. bullshit rationale? I know.

and a merry fucking valentine’s to everyone! no, I’m not bitter 🙂 my parents were the only two people who initiated contact with me…and given people’s general spirit of the day, I find it easy to start falling into the “nobody loves me” bullshit….but I know that’s just self-centeredness. I did, however, make the decision not to go out of my way to buy a valentine’s gift for any one (or many) of the girls I know just so I could feel like I was doing my part (I’ve done it in the past…it’s a bit like lighting a sinking ship on fire or something). and if any of those girls are heartbroken because I didn’t do anything nice for them, then they ought to have shown some interest before valentine’s day! if nothing else, just to get a valentine’s gift, then they could’ve told me to hit the road once they got their chocolate 🙂 bullshit rationale? I know!

for real, though. . . it can serve as a nice time to show appreciation for our loved ones. and I like to think that I’m fairly caring/generous all the time, not just on (insert name of holiday here). but (insert name of holiday here) can provide a nice excuse to do something really special/over the top to really make someone feel special. but whatever. I’m tired of thinking of this, and it’s definitely cutting into my nap time 🙂

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