More Stories!!

I’ve posted my two latest stories on doublemuse!! go check ’em out sometime.

and Merry Christmas, everyone!! I pondered yesterday what I might say to a jew, should I accidentally wish him/her a Merry Christmas, and be met with “I’m Jewish.”

“Well,” I would answer, “Tomorrow’s still Christmas—a national holiday—so it really doesn’t make much difference what your religious persuasions might be. Would you rather I told you have a shitty day tomorrow?”

How many of the people who celebrate Christmas actually are Christian, anyway? it’s really much more a materialist/capitalist holiday, anymore. I would think the Christians should be offended as the jews, ’cause “merry Christmas” is more atheist/pagan than Christian.

anyway, had a good scare this week. my computer started acting up on the night of the 23rd, and windows wouldn’t load. I was terrified, I hadn’t backed up my files and had a great deal of material that was never saved anywhere but on my laptop. after hours upon hours of trying to get the damned machine to work, I finally managed to get it running again. needless to say, I’ve made sure to back my work up again. no more of that bullshit!

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  1. glad you got your computer working, mine stopped working for some reason when i accidently threw it accros the room and stepped on it seven times, what gives? BTW, i got a new one on ebay, $135 (it’s kinda old)


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