La Luna

I walk the path sometimes at night
through my yard to the house.
I take great care to maintain the yard;
nature responds with her blooming beauty.

On dark, moonless nights
little can be seen.

On this night, I turn the corner to
catch sight of her-
a bright smile in a sea of darkness.
I am enchanted, entranced,
enthralled by the moonbeams that
cast a new glow on this garden
very different than the light of day.

I forget my path, my yard, my home.
I gaze dumbly at the sky and dream
that I could float away
to live in the sky with her.

I spend my night outside,
to watch as she crosses the sky.
I forget where I am, where I belong,
until the sun emerges in the east.

The moon loses her shine in the light of day.
The spell fades quickly as I remember my home.

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