Just Smile All the Time

It’s been too long. You might notice the blog looks a little different; I (somewhat inadvertently) migrated it to a wordpress hosting account, and in the process lost most of the design modifications I’d done previously. Ah, well. I’d work on making it look better, but I’m frantically trying to finish a draft of my thesis, which I want to submit to my advisor before the end of August. That pretty much eats up all of my free time right now.

Aside from that, things are going well here. I’m all moved in to my own apartment, and I’ve been doing much better with consistency for my visits to the gym. Good times.

Maybe in September or October I’ll get back over here to make this site look the way I want it to again. Stay tuned.

Here’s a nice video about positive thinking. H/T: GreenLAGirl

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