Japan in Their Classroom

this is crazy. Maybe my little cherry blossom could go give these kids a presentation about her culture? and if that wasn’t enough, one of the kids quoted in the article is named Anthony Hoagland. Maybe good things are happening in Paxton after all. My little brother Blob won the title of Junior Class Homecoming Prince, so perhaps this is just the beginning of his reign of peace and prosperity. Imagine how great things will be next year when he’s the King!

Pictures and video from N’awlins are coming soon.

4 thoughts on “Japan in Their Classroom”

  1. humm, do you think she’ll tell the sixth graders about the used panties, smoking lounges, or Mothra?

    The question about WWII is interesting, have you asked your cherry blossom about that part of our history?

  2. As usual, I’m not sure I have any clue what you’re talking about in your first comment.

    But as for the second part, I think we probably talked about it, but like a good American, I managed to avoid paying attention to unAmerican propaganda. I was wearing my “this is where I nod and pretend to be listening” t-shirt.

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