Here We Go Again

The park where I *run. (By run, I mean jog.)

About a week and a half ago, I decided that it is once again time to get started taking better care of myself. I liked the simplicity and gradual nature of the “Couch to 5K” plan, and so it seemed worthy of a second shot. While it seemed before like night running might be the best approach, the inconsistencies in my nightly schedules seemed like enough of a potential deterrent that this time I’ve opted for a morning routine. Every day except Saturdays, I get up and ride my bicycle (yes, I finally got my bike fixed up and in good working condition!) to the park a mile from my apartment, where I either run or walk for 20+ minutes. While the couch to 5k plan only calls for 3 runs a week, to keep myself in the habit I’ve been going on the off days just to walk. It seems to help. I’ve gone to the park 10 of the last 12 days, and I’m a subscriber to the “object in motions stays in motion” philosophy. I’ll be sure to check back in and let you know how things are going.

Another new development is that I’ve started teaching an online composition class. I’m really excited! I’m still not certain how I feel about the proliferation of for-profit educational institutions and how that could be contributing to the growing student loan debt menace. At the very least, I may be able to help some students improve their writing skills as I gain some valuable teaching experience that could be useful down the road.

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    1. No, the composition class is through an online college – only students enrolled in that college can sign up for the class…

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