Happy New Year

and happy b-day to my sweetheart!

we decided against the ibook/powerbook and went with another dell, especially because it was the best deal I could find. ($800 with necessary software and warranty!)

she might still buy a mac, though, so we can be on both sides of the fence.

the old dell is on ebay, and I’m fairly hopeful about the auction. within 18 hours of posting, a guy from africa sent me a message saying he was willing to pay an amount not far from the price I paid for my new one! maybe a scammer, who knows. nevertheless, I’m gonna let the auction finish.

I made up a list today and have 13 short-story ideas, not counting ones I’ve already started (probably another dozen or more). now just finding the time to write them…

finally, I’ve made a new year’s resolution: to jog/run for not less than twenty minutes (most likely on a treadmill at CRCE) every night, sunday-thursday, for the whole year. and I am thinking about adding: no eating pastries at work! hey, I quit McD’s and smoking, how hard can this be?

One thought on “Happy New Year”

  1. good luck with the joging, I started doing ten minutes on the bike, then up to 15, then 20, Now I’m doing 30minutes and still having energy to go five more minutes. A little tip, at least for me on the bike, I’ve been reading while pedeling, keeps my mind occupied, I don’t even notice the time passing!

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