Forget It

I forgot a lot of the things that I wanted to include in the last post. but it’s a good thing, because thanks to my friend Marc, I’ve had a chance to research the program I mentioned in the last post, and I’ve been thoroughly dissuaded. Worst case scenario: if I don’t get into Antioch, I can fall back on the old plan of finding out from Eastern Illinois U. what I will need to earn certification to teach at the high school level. I can always apply to MFA programs later, maybe after I’ve done some more writing on my own time.

I got my tickets to California in the mail the other day. I’m going out for the World Service Conference, but I will stay to visit with my brother and his family. It’ll be about two weeks total, right at the very end of the semester. After that, I can start my new life, whatever that might be.

I also got a letter from my lawyer. he says that it’s going to cost a little under four hundred bucks to keep my driving record clean. probably worth it, I think. and he’s doing this one pro-bono. and here we all thought I was done with the nude modelling ;)

I checked out another one of those 9-11 conspiracy videos today. Fuck, it makes me sick. I fantasize about going underground and hunting some of these evil bitches down. can I say that? I guess I’ll just have to accept the idea that the FBI/CIA/NSA is going to be monitoring me for the rest of my natural life. that’s fine, at least that means I’ll have a dedicated audience ;)

also, I’ve never mentioned that I read a really interesting book by the guy who draws Dilbert, Scott Adams. It’s called God’s Debris…give it a shot.

anyway…I’m headed back to try to help out at the coffee shop. they’re installing new cabinets/countertops behind the bar, and part of my job is to show up and help them move all the crap back to where it was. I’m trembling with excitement.

3 thoughts on “Forget It”

  1. the evidence in those 911 videos is really staggering, but i would really like to hear from well informed people who would like to disprove it. i saw a popular mechanics article that debunked a few very unimportant claims, but it really just helped the cause of the conspiracy theorists since it was focused on trivial things. oh well, even if it is true, it’s not like anyone’s gonna do anything about it.

  2. so why hasn’t any main stream news source picked up any of the material we see in these videos? I guess that’s my question. Is it that they’re afraid to sound off on something that could label them as supporters of extreme conspiracy views? I don’t know but with some of the discussed evidence in these videos it seems like something is definitely missing from the story.

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