That’s my FICO credit score. not bad, but not good….I’ll have to work on that. I’ve been really good ever since those first three college credit cards (RESIST, CHILDREN!)

but you can now view your credit report free! This is the website to go to in order to view your credit report. find out the source of the negative marks on your report, contact them, and offer them 60% of what you owe to settle. if you don’t have 60% to part with (or 70%, if that’s as low as they’ll come), then work out a payment plan with them. your credit report should reflect when you’ve gone into a repayment plan, hopefully one that won’t take too long to finish. and once you’ve cleaned it all up: fill out those credit card applications like crazy! wow! everything is FREE again!!

also, I worry that one of my new year’s resolutions might have had a negative impact on everyone’s fave fast food joint. . . the title of the article is “Who’s responsible?”, and I couldn’t help but think it was me. then I read the article and realized that it had been published last october. thank god. I wouldn’t be able to bear it if I thought that I single-handedly bludgeoned the giant, simply by deciding to no longer eat three double cheeseburgers (plain) four times a week. and yes, it would’ve been single-handedly, because I always drove with the other hand. but I digress.

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