saddam hussein

My brother sent me a message today to point out that Saddam Hussein was captured on my twenty-third birthday (13 December 2003) and convicted on my brother’s twenty-third birthday (5 November 2006). Strange indeed. I’m sure the deeper cosmological meaning of this will be revealed to us both at a later date, perhaps when Barack Obama is unmasked as the antichrist.

More importantly, I’ve rearranged my office at work. I’m very pleased. I no longer have to turn my head to look out the window. On the other hand, folks passing by the office can easily see that I’m blogging instead of working, or whatever else I might do at the computer. And I have to turn around to even know that they are there. Hopefully I don’t get bludgeoned to death by a disgruntled coworker before I find a small mirror to give me a view of the doorway.

Finally, I’ve decided not to move forward with the children’s book at this point in time. I’m just too emotionally invested in the other piece and am not quite sure enough of where I want to go with the new thing. So I apologize for getting anyone’s hopes up.

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