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Less than twelve hours, and I’ll be on my way. It feels a bit strange to be leaving the semester and my school-related stress all behind. Not that I won’t still be stressed about it, but at least I’ll be in a place where I’ll need to focus on other things. I just really hope that taking this time away from class doesn’t completely wreck my chances at passing Russian—the one class that I absolutely need in order to graduate. I’ve lately been playing out scenarios in my mind about what exactly would happen if I don’t pass. I can’t really re-take the class over the summer, because it won’t be offered. I don’t believe that it will be offered at parkland over the summer either, which means that the next time to take that level of Russian would be second semester next year. It would be a bad job, explaining to the MFA folks why I thought I could do their program without a bachelor’s degree. Perhaps my Russian instructor would be so kind as to drill me for the first week or two of summer and then let me take the final again. I’m convinced that an hour a day one-on-one for a week or two would be quite enough to prepare me.

Like I said, though. . . I’ll try to put that stuff out of my mind. After all, in eight hours I’ll be on a jet for the first time in my life. I’m pretty psyched about that, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s really going to happen. Maybe that’s because I’m not quite packed yet.

it seems like there were other things that I’ve considered blogging since the last post, but they’ve slipped from my mind now. More will come, I’m sure.

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  1. good luck, don’t bring any knives, do bring two forms of photo ID, do finsih packing, don’t pack your russian homework…study on the plane, pass that class!

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