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Pandemic Mood

We’re in the six month of pandemic lockdown, and ever since about week six, it’s felt to me like the rest of our lives will be like this. I know that’s not true, but feelings can often overpower the intellect. We are very privileged in the sense that we have been able to continue on […]

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I still recall the first time I saw this video, which helped me to see things from a different perspective. I grew up poor in a small, rural, predominantly white town in the Midwest, not really aware of how people with different life circumstances might experience the world far differently than I do. Enjoy…?

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Good Bye, Dad

On Tuesday, July 4th, my father passed away. Here is what I read at his memorial service: When I was a child, my dad was my hero. I suppose that is true for many children. We envision our fathers being strong like Superman, brave like Batman, and inspiring like… SupermanĀ and Batman. Like so many other […]

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