What the hell, this can’t be right;
This peace I surely cannot feel.
Serenity does not seem real,
But keeps me, still, through the night.

When I forget that old lie,
The cold, dark fear that holds my heart,
Let go, surrender, that’s the start.
I feel; I know; what means why.

I feel love, but still I fight.
It’s tough to make that choice to heal,
When simple life seems so surreal,
I find ways to blur my sight.

I will try to hold this light
A glimmer of the waning truth
Find harmony now in my youth
And set my soul free in flight

If my eyes close to the light,
I find that I don’t want to deal
With you, or me, and I will steal
Our love will become so slight.

I probably ought to cry
About the way we had to part.
But I have made reserve an art
In spite of us, my eyes are dry.

Punish me with all your spite;
It’s not my fate that you will seal.
I don’t use you as means to feel
I know today, that’s not right

I have learned that I must try
To find that peace within my heart
I knew before this ache did start
I do not have to live this lie

I forsake this gift of sight
Because illusion seems so real
I tell myself that I can deal
I think I do not need the light

It is all so good, today
I found this way that I impart,
Make the best of science and art
Find some truth in all I say

I now have no need to fight
Though truth and time seem to reveal
All that I will try to conceal.
Still this life will be so bright.


All are one, but one’s too many;
I know this isn’t enough.
Life and love ought to be plenty,
But what if you call my bluff?
These words are cheap, I mass-produce
The lines, I feel each one true.
However, to write seems no use
I don’t want to bullshit you.

Fuck it; I’m tired of this poetry shit any goddamned way.


So many, so shallow, so often,
These are the lives we make
To ease, to scorn, to spite, to soften
The pain of each days wake.
But these, too, are sure to not suffice
If they are so heartless.
A longer plot, though it lacks the spice,
In truth lights the darkness.
Do it right; do it deep; do it real;
These are the lives we make
To listen, to love, to live, to feel.
Just give yourself a break.

Relatively Speaking

It’s the worst I’ve ever been through,
But I’m not through it yet.
Though I feel the presence true,
I see it as a threat.
The road traveled by so few
Is lost to new regret.
I sense a feeling new,
And all I do is fret.
I know I truly know you,
Although we’ve never met.
Eyes of such a low hue,
And your caste is surely set.
Relatively speaking, you truly are perfect.


Smile…and the whole world
smiles with you.
I’d love to love, but I’m
not sure; who
could deserve this love and
still requite?
Or accept the gift without
killing its light?
Does such a marvel
truly exist?
Or should my desire be
outright dismissed?
They say the process
begins inside;
I fear I’ve lost it, and
now I’ve lied.
My self forsaken in search
of love.
A common pigeon: mistaken
for a dove.
I should have stuck with what
I knew:
When the whole world
smiles, she’s
smiling at you.

The Coffee Tastes So Good

The major draw to such locale
is to boost our lacking in morale.
Inspiring truth and heartfelt prose,
the brew is fresh and it surely shows
us how to live and stay on the path,
forsaking myths and “Godly” wrath.
Taking life as we see fit,
trudging through the grime and grit.
More will be revealed, they say.
Wait it out, I’m on my way
to the plateau where truth now lies
to feel the warmth of clear blue skies.
This is why we here show up,
to fill our hearts while sipping the cup.

At One Year

Behold the twilight; our one time is now.
Take life as it comes; we show ourselves how,
inspired by insight, found with another.
Through these conundrums, you are my brother.

Our spirits will grow as fear is taken.
We can see ourselves, truth not forsaken.
We reap as we sow, through this connection;
Peace in spirit delves, love’s interjection.

Never had I thought, that I might befriend
anyone so true, before this Godsend.
Now I have been taught, through this endeavor,
with much help from you, love is forever.

Still, I may hurt you, or you might hurt me.
Such is life, I know, not vain treachery.
No need to argue, we can trust today.
Together we grow, even while away.

The gift that you gave was not intended
By taking that risk, our lives have mended.
You still help me brave the troublesome times.
Our lives remain brisk, inspiring these rhymes.

So now I thank you, with all of my heart,
for inspirations and refreshing start.
I want to tell you, as this year ends
Congratulations, my dearest of friends.