I don’t see a thing in the black darkness of night,
when demons gently moan my name.

It’s all I hear, like the sound of a gentle breeze that once comforted
but now dims the candles that lit my way.

My thoughts fall away when a voice just like my own
whispers frightening things.

I begin to feel lost, and my lover’s touch terrifies me
like nothing has before.

The smell of flowers brings the image
of a funeral and a grave.

I wonder where to go, but no road leads away,
my mind becomes a prison
and my spirit is the prisoner.

I forget anything I knew, when I look in the mirror
at a face that lies
and eyes so filled with pain.

I try my best to believe that the peace I’ve known
was real, and will return.

The night’s darkness does not banish the daytime’s beauty;
it simply keeps it out of sight for a while.

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