I sat alone on our park bench
And waited by our pond
Deep is thirst I try to quench
With memories so fond

My Aurora has departed
And this I had to learn
I do not know how this started
Or why my soul must burn

Present tries and will remove me
I do not want to leave
This time does not have empathy
And wants me not to grieve

I try in anger to depart
I want to bring you too
You live now only in my heart
With that I am not through

Our weather too will bring me pain
Remember days of old
How nice it was to walk in rain
Or hide inside from cold

So many lives there are to live
So many have gone by
From them is all I have to give
I hang my head to cry

Returning to reality
I find it much too soon
I feel the loss inside of me
And glance up at the moon

The moon has changed and I have not
Or did I get that wrong
The moon continues while I rot
I will not sing our song

But if I try I find some hope
Among these painful thoughts
My memory is how I cope
With changes in these plots

I do not have to search for you
In each new endeavor
I can make peace with all that’s new
And have you forever

So now I look up at my sky
But pay mind to the ground
I came here wanting just to die
Identity I found

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