Another US is Possible

chris/ May 20, 2007

United States Social Forum

June 27-July 1, 2007
Atlanta, Georgia

The largest gathering of progressives and radicals in years is about to happen, and you’re invited. Like the World Social Forums, thousands will gather under the banner, “Another World is Possible.” But this time, it will happen here in the United States.

Another United States is Possible.

Come be a part of history


Who will be there? Grassroots organizers, union members, people of faith, community members, educators, youth, peace activists, immigrants, workers, environmental justice activists, indigenous people, displaced Gulf Coast residents, cultural workers, etc…

What will it be like? Hundreds of workshops, strategy sessions, plenaries, direct action, soccer tournament, film festival, concerts, exhibitions, mass mobilization…

Why come? To make history, to connect with others, to share your story, to heal, to learn leadership skills, to get inspired, to build new strategies, to link up with a global social movement that is changing the world, to march, sing, speak your truth, to take a stand at the birthplace of the Black Freedom Movement, to intersect our issues and struggles, to advance the struggle for justice…

Another United States is Possible.

Come be a part of history


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