I just got back from another nice weekend up north, hanging with the Ferrara clan. We had fun watching the final Yankees game for the AA season, and then Savino and Marco both had their first playoff games on Tuesday evening, so I stuck around for those before getting on the road back home. (335 miles in 4 hours 35 minutes Tuesday night. Not claiming I didn’t bend a couple traffic laws along the way.)

Now I’m back in LA, for the first time in months having no plans to head out again all that soon. That could change, of course!


scion xd day of purchase

I commented to some friends today that I’ve just reached the quadruple digits on the repayment for my car. Sounds kinda cool, until you do the math.

I’ve owned this car for four years. Rounding down to $300/month for payments for 48 months, that’s just shy of $15 grand, which was roughly the sticker price of the car when I bought it. The blue book value of the car today is right on par with what I still owe.

In other news, this is the three-year anniversary of my first marriage. I guess I got out cheap?