The House Colleen Built

There are probably very few people in the town of Paxton, and maybe even in all of Ford County, who are unfamiliar with the big house on the corner of Market Street and Franklin. Most everyone who goes anywhere in town ends up having a reason to drive past sooner or later, and many of the luckier ones even have reason to stop and visit a while. Whether it’s a fresh bloom of pink flamingos in the yard, or a dozen assorted vehicles lined up and down the block, the home has a way of catching your attention from the street. Those bold enough to step inside found themselves surrounded by knick-knacks from ten thousand garage sales and a cast of cats with a range of personalities well-suited for a reality show. And those who came in the house were sure to get a recap of all the latest episodes of Real Housecats of Paxton, Illinois, courtesy of Mama Ferrara. Continue reading “The House Colleen Built”