Master C

Final Printing of Master's Thesis

Going to the Bindery...

Today I collected the third signature for my master’s thesis, made my final proofreading edits, and printed eight copies of the final product with an printer kopen, two on 100% cotton paper and six on 25% cotton. Tomorrow morning I will take the copies to campus, pay the binding fees, and become a Master of the Arts.

In less than a week, I’ll be 30 years old.

I’m tired.

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4 Responses to Master C

  1. Moye says:

    Master of the Arts is like Master of the Universe, right? Congrats !!! We need to celebrate.

  2. What is this paper you speak of?Seriously, good work Chris. I’m really proud of you and happy for you. Kobi tacos are on me. xo

  3. dana says:

    yep… i would be tired too… dirty thirty eh? join the club my dear… 🙂 congrats, be proud despite your weariness… will we see you nye again? we are lining up the guest list for sushi… timmy and i are in…

  4. chris says:

    Count me in for sushi, D!

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