Blogger Prom

Last Wednesday night I had the opportunity to head up to Yamashiro, a wonderful Japanese restaurant in Hollywood, for the second annual Blogger Prom. With my spotty blogging record over the course of the past year, I didn’t manage to make the guest list myself. Instead, the ever-gracious greenLAgirl was kind enough to let me come along as her +1.

blogger prom pic 1
JavaJunkee and Green LA Girl

My original plan was to show up with Travis, but unfortunately she ended up being sick that day and couldn’t attend. I was nervous about showing up by myself, but luckily it turned out that Moye would be there, and of course Joz. After being pleasantly surprised not to have to pay four bucks for a club soda at the open bar (as I had last year), I got in line for some tacos, where I found Joz. We made small talk as we slowly crept toward the serving station, and eventually some waiters walked past with ribs and ahi tuna to tide us over. They were DELICIOUS, especially the ribs, whose meat melted off the bone. Moye and her friend Lisa caught up to us while we were in line, so I grabbed some tacos with them and we found a table to eat together.

blogger prom pic 2
Moye and Lisa

We had a nice time catching up on everything we’ve done eaten since last year’s Blogger Prom. Soon my friend Lucinda showed up, having been delayed slightly by work, and joined in our merriment as we heard the announcement that Joz was named prom queen.

blogger prom pic 3
JavaJunkee and Lucinda Michele

On my way out, I made sure to pick up a swag bag, unlike last year when I lost my ticket. This year they had wrist bands, which even I couldn’t lose. David Markland, who I originally met when he was still at, was handing out the bags. It was nice to see him again.

All in all, it was a very nice evening. Of the various swag, I’m most looking forward to cashing in on the free movie vouchers for American Cinematheque and the Border Grill gift certificates. And then I had the joy of getting up the next morning and hopping on a plane to Dallas for the weekend. And I’m not going to bother trying to blog about that. Suffice to say, if you’re ever in Dallas, go to Big Racks for some banana pudding. It’s so good, you’ll think it was homemade.

I’m Still Here

I know, my blogging record has been pretty spotty lately. The good news is that I’ve just completed a draft of my thesis, and so am that much more hopeful that I’ll have an MA in English by the time I turn thirty in a few short months. As of about 4am yesterday, the first complete draft of my thesis weighed in at 24,970 words. I’m going to drop it in my advisor’s mail slot this evening and look forward to the revision process.

In case you didn’t get the reference in the title to this post, apparently Joaquin Phoenix and his brother Casey Affleck have been involved in some shenanigans and tomfoolery of late. Silly kids.

I’ve been staying solid with the gym routine, but even though most of the time I’m eating better too, apparently eating rich a few times a week can undo 40-50 minutes of daily cardio. Not sure how that works, but oh well. At least my heart and lungs should be improving, even if my waistline isn’t.

Anyway, thanks to GreenLAGirl, I’ll have a chance again this year to go hang out with the who’s who on the LA blogger scene over at Blogger Prom. I had plenty of fun last year, and am looking forward to another exciting time Wednesday night.

Finally, I want to mention that I recently had the privilege of attending the US premier of my friend Conor‘s first feature film, One Hundred Mornings. It was impressive, to say the least. I’m crossing my fingers for US distribution.

I’ll leave you with this video about food. (h/t: Colinski)

How to feed the world ? from Denis van Waerebeke on Vimeo.