Month: February 2010

The 100% Perfect Burrito

This week’s writing experiment. with apologies to Haruki Murakami One beautiful August afternoon, at a food truck on some narrow side street in west LA, I ate the 100% perfect burrito. Honestly, there was nothing about it that made it particularly delicious. It didn’t seem to have any special ingredients. The underside of the tortilla […]

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The Proclamation

Last week’s submission for my fiction class. Enjoy. As the time for him to walk onto the stage drew nearer, Philip’s deep sense of pride at having been chosen to read his essay at the town celebration became all the more completely eclipsed by his intense nervousness. This year was a big celebration—one hundred fortieth […]

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My Onion Wanna-be Piece

Every week we’re supposed to write a short (250-500 words) piece of fiction, based on a list of experiment ideas. Last week I submitted this, based on the experiment “Chronicle,” which suggests trying mimic the style of writing used in newspaper articles. Naturally, I gravitated toward an “Onion” style piece. I will try posting my […]

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