Month: October 2008

Under $3!

As someone on the radio was saying the other day though: just because the economy is falling apart and driving gas prices down doesn’t mean that there’s any more oil in the ground than there was last year. This is just a nice little temporary reprieve. On a side note, I actually bought a tankful […]

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Where There’s Smoke…

So apparently there are some fires happening today here in SoCal, not terribly far from work. We’re surrounded by enough concrete here that I don’t expect we’ll have much to worry about aside from the atrocious air quality.

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A Myspace Exchange

I should seriously consider deleting my myspace profile. Too frequently I encounter “bulletin” messages that make me sad for our country. And occasionally I choose to respond, which quickly eats away at my already non-existent free time. But if I’m going to waste time with something like this, at least I can get a blog […]

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