Masters of Our Destiny…

Yuka received her diploma today! Congratulations! Tomorrow, she’ll arrive for her summer break. Tomorrow I will also register for my fall courses at CSUN. I was considering doubling up on core requirement courses, but I think I’ll need to keep it interesting by taking a fiction writing class along with one of the required courses. Counting this Fall, it’s only four more semesters until I get a slip of paper like Yuka’s. Of course, by then she should have her PhD. Perhaps I’ll never catch up 🙁 Not that it would matter much, considering that PhDs in my field, in general, probably earn salaries on par with Masters of her field. That’s why I call her my Sugar Mama.

Anyway, we’ll be off to Northern California this weekend to visit my brother and his family for the 4th of July. Then we’ll enjoy the rest of Yuka’s visit here in So-Cal, perhaps visiting various points of interest, if possible. We’ll be sure to take pictures of it all for your viewing pleasure.

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2 Responses to Masters of Our Destiny…

  1. spencer says:

    Awesome. Tell her I said congrats. Also, tell everyone I said hi.

  2. Jason Boom says:

    That’s great! Congrats to Yuka!

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