So maybe the slimy salespeople at Northridge Toyota helped screw up my enjoyment of the recent lunar eclipse, but I’ll be sure to steer clear of them on 1 August.

**UPDATE** It would probably be wise to cruise the sites I link to on this blog and find out if I know what the hell I’m even talking about. It looks as though the eclipse, and someone who can better comprehend NASA’s incoherent ramblings might want to check me on this, will only be visible in the Northeasternmost parts of North America. Personally, I think that’s total bullshit. But I guess I should at least consider myself partly redeemed by the fact that this supports my longstanding theory that the Universe conspires to piss me off.

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3 Responses to Okay…

  1. Colinski says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I hadn’t heard.

  2. Anonymous says:

    its not the universe.

    you know… some days God is just fuckin with y


  3. Anonymous says:


    i cant post using the “Name/URL” option… it chokes everytime.



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