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CREDO Mobile
Sign up to do good in the world and get me $25 off my phone bill!!

Your friend is calling for a better world. You can too.

Switch now to CREDO Mobile jailbreak iPhone 4
and start making the world a better place with every call you make.

Because when you dial with us, we donate 1% of your charges to progressive nonprofits working for peace, equality, choice and a greener environment. These donations are made automatically — at no extra cost to you. It’s an easy, effective way to support the causes you care about, every day.

Join now and take advantage of this great special offer:*

  • Get an LG 150 Bluetooth® phone (a $179 value for free*) with voice-activated dialing and Web-browsing capabilities
  • The clarity of Sprint’s nationwide all-digital network† with the conscience of CREDO’s progressive action
  • Unlimited night and weekend minutes, free mobile-to-mobile calls to CREDO Mobile members and a 30-day trial
  • Many individual and family plans to choose from, starting at just $29.99 a month

Visit today and start calling for a better world tomorrow. Or call 800.496.2942. Please use this phone number, 2177663378, so we can credit Chris Corning for referring you.

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