In case you haven’t heard, Chris got in a motorcycle accident on Monday and is still in a hospital. He has a broken wrist on one arm and fractured elbow on the other arm. He also had internal bleeding and damage. Other than that, he is doing OK. He sounded much much better yesterday. Hopefully, he will get out tomorrow or Saturday.

He will call you all very soon.

Until then, feel free to email me or call me with questions.

Love, Yuka

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8 Responses to Christopher

  1. Jscrilla says:

    my god! I hadn’t heard a thing until I saw this. I’m so glad to hear he’s doing ok. I’ll give you call tonight.

    Get well, Chris.


  2. Yuka says:


    Chris’s phone is mostlikely dead. You can call the hospital directly. The number is 818-885-8500 ext. 4158.


  3. brian says:

    thanks for the number Yuka. I was getting ready to call him and say “happy 10-yr”

    I hope he heals up quickly.


  4. Yuka says:

    No problem.

  5. TimmyRants says:

    Ouch, I hope you get feeling better… Thanks for the info Yuka… Can ya wipe yer butt with both arms messed up??? Oh, come on you were thinkin’ it too…

    Love and Hugs
    Timmy B.

  6. Yoko says:

    Hope you get well soon, Chris!!! Thank you, Yuka-san, for posting the entry.

  7. Chris says:

    thanks for the comments everyone 🙂

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