An Engaging Trip

I had a great time in Japan…and I’m engaged now. Check out my pictures from the trip. Soon they’ll be followed by a travelogue explaining how I spent my days. The short version is: I dressed up like Santa, I ate lots of great food, I painted a clay mug for tea, I bathed in a public bath house for the first (and later the second) time, I visited lots of shrines, temples, and other historic buildings, I took an outrageous number of pictures, I made gyoza, mochi, and soba, and I asked Yuuka to marry me in a small park at the base of Tokyo Tower. That’s just barely scratching the surface. I’ll write lots more later!

oh, one more thing: it’s a good thing I asked her parents first. I wouldn’t want to end up like this!

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4 Responses to An Engaging Trip

  1. concrete says:

    and another one bites the dust…

    j/k congratulations, I’m glad you weren’d mutilated in the process!

  2. jscrilla says:

    Welcome home, brother! Congrats on the engagement! From the pictures I’ve seen, it looks like you had a great time.

  3. TimmyRants says:

    Congrats to you and yuka… Glad you made it home safe and look forward to seeing you sometime soon… Love and Hugs, Timmy B.

  4. spencer says:

    that’s really awesome man. congratulations, and i’m really happy for you!

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