My Hero

I just heard the news that my personal hero was within miles of my location this evening and I had no idea. The good news is that he will be in town for a few more days and I can try to stop by his hotel and see if they’ll let me leave him a gift. Wow. How exciting. And how much more amazing it would’ve been to have an opportunity to meet him face to face. Perhaps one day.

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3 Responses to My Hero

  1. jscrilla says:

    And here I thought I was your personal hero…

    You going to hear him speak?

  2. spencer says:

    i dont know about anyone else, but i dont feel like registering with the la times to find out who your personal hero is… so could you just tell us?

  3. jscrilla says:

    spence, that’s why is great. they give you a login without having to register.

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