My Rooms

I posted pictures of my rooms in LA for your viewing pleasure. More decoration to come, in both I’m sure. I started to post some new poems on doublemuse the other day…I’ll let you know how that project comes along…

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2 Responses to My Rooms

  1. e-meister says:

    looks comfy, all round; although I’m surprised they didn’t put either ‘Chris C.’ or ‘Christopher Corning’ on the door — the one in fellowship style, the latter to distinguish that a male occupies the space beyond. hmmmm, maybe I’ve got too much time on my hands….

  2. T says:

    Travis here. Esti told me about your site. So happy you’ve made it out to LA and are experiencing this opportunity. One problem you… You won’t be able to come to the Stuart show September 1. Fortunately for you Stu makes it out to LA around once a year and also when he records a new album.

    Anyway, I’ll talk with you sooner or later…

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