Art Show

this month’s featured art at espresso is all work done by employees of the cafe. I’ve decided to put up a couple of photos I took, along with poems related to the pictures. enjoy here and here.

Happy Fourth of July! I’m going to eat charred animal flesh as a way of celebrating the deaths of my four fathers! Thanks, Dads!

And only days to go before heading back to LA! Window seats this time, which means lots of good pictures!

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5 Responses to Art Show

  1. Concrete Box says:

    so you’ve “made a decision,” now comes the action part….

  2. ~ e. says:

    “four fathers”?!? skip the editing job!

  3. jscrilla says:

    i saw that too…had a good laugh. 😉

  4. javajunkee says:

    you guys did realize that it was meant to be funny, right? I mean, wasn’t the “Thanks, Dads” a tip-off? Sure, it’s not hilarious…but do I really seem that dense?

  5. jscrilla says:

    yeah, hence my laughter.

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