I’ve finished revising the essays page!! I’ve posted a total of sixteen new and seven revised essays! Go take a look.

Next on the agenda: upload more poetry. To give you an idea: I currently have thirteen poems posted at doublemuse, but my poetry folder on my hard drive contains about 100 files (some are duplicates—revised copies of other files).

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3 Responses to Finally!

  1. jscrilla says:

    well done! i like it. keep it up man.

  2. Concrete Box says:

    I get a 404 error when I click the esssays link in your post, but not when i click on essays on the top header

  3. javajunkee says:

    fixed. thanks, james. I re-organized the file structure on after editing the essays page…frontpage updates my links in all of the pages, but not in my blog posts 😉

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