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Irons in the Fire

I have more or less completed the application processes for grad school here at the U of I and for Teach for America. it’s exciting to think about the possibility of doing either one of these, particularly because I would … Continue reading

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Semper Fi

They all seem to have the same posture,like they left the hanger in their shirt,or they’re trying to peek over a refrigerator. Then there’s the haircut,strangest on my cousin’s head.All his life I knew him to havethe biggest, thickest afro … Continue reading

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this is post number one hundred on my blog, on which I’ve been posting since October 2003. that’s an average of about a post per week. not bad. have you read them all? also, I’ve posted a new poem. and … Continue reading

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The First Time I Nearly Fell

It was the fourth of Julyand I was still a child.At least, a child enough to be still enchanted by the town celebration’s lemon shake-ups and bingo tent,and the rare sense of belonging that I felt in our community—eating pork-chop … Continue reading

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Nwoye and Milkman: Growing Up Black in Racially Turbulent Times

The twentieth century provided a great deal of change for Black people worldwide. The first years of the century were characterized by the influx and sudden increase of white people in Africa, while the middle of the century brought the … Continue reading

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