Smoky Thoughts

The thin, bright blue waves of air roll in my direction,
wisps of breath that escape your lungs and cross the table between us.
The familiar scent tickles, teases, draws me close in spite of my repulsion.

The sensations creep down my arms and legs like unwelcome memories,
thoughts that grew light and thin as they evaporated, somewhere far above my mind.
They were the thoughts that trapped me in my seat, a slave to my freedom.

Busy Busy

second job, new apartment, and school starting; I haven’t had much free time lately. just a couple fo quick notes:

  1. visit here to see my VERY FIRST PUBLISHED WORK! (looks familiar, eh?)
  2. visit here to hear suggestions that US politicians/military were involved in the attacks of 9/11. very convincing stuff.

more anon…

New Job

tomorrow I’ll start working at the Ribeye. I’ll be bussing tables to pick up a little extra cash, but don’t worry; I’ll still be working at espresso!

but to more important matters: I had an idea for a kid’s book. it would be a story about a chipmunk in a prairie … there’s more to it, but I can’t really get into that right now. I’ll tell you more about it later…

Miraculous Mundanity

The world has not changed a bit
but nothing in my life is the same
The sunshine, the breeze, the everyday people
are fresh and new because
my nerves tingle all throughout my body as I greet them
like falling asleep on my hand and then letting it wake up slowly
but somehow I fell asleep on all of me
and now I exercise for hours
like shaking my hand to let the blood flow through again


I Beat Anorexia

lately I’ve been experiencing a sort of creative anorexia. I haven’t done a damned thing in a long time, and I feel like I just really haven’t had any time to myself. I had the day off last tuesday, but spent the whole day redoing the wall surrounding my mom’s bathtub. I didn’t even finish that day, so I had to go back again after work on wednesday and finish up. there are still a couple of finishing touches that it could probably use, but I think I’m holding out for this weekend. I’ll try to remember to take a picture to post on here.

because I feel like today is the first time I’ve had time to myself in the last two weeks, I began the day by coming to the coffeeshop to do some writing. then I went for a bike ride in the early afternoon. now I’ll try to write some more before grabbing dinner and going to a (much needed) meeting. maybe if y’all are lucky I’ll get another short story posted by the time school starts. no promises, though.

oh…one last thing. I was telling a friend the story of my efforts to convince the head of the Slavic Languages Department to offer intensive Russian in the fall, and it turned out that she was sitting right next to us! she turned and said, “That was me!” she went on to explain why they couldn’t offer it, and I explained why I’d been so eager to take it, but also tried to make it clear that I’d gotten over the fact that I have to take a full year of Russian. anyway. strange coincidence. maybe it was just a matter of time before I realized who she was, though, because she’s been coming to the cafe regularly for some time now.

alright. be good.