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The End of the World!

The end of the World!! a terrifying but not unrealistic scenario. this one will make you question everything you believe in. or give you a good laugh, one of the two.

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He held in his handan old potential escape,now unfamiliar. She sits above me,her hair is pulled back and tied,and I am inside This is so unsafe—speedometer: seven, five—to write as I drive. Burning embers chara picture unfamiliar,lost now to the … Continue reading

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The Patriarchal Bard: Feminist Criticism and King Lear

Kathleen Mcluskie’s essay about King Lear insists that there is no proper reading of the play that does not recognize the play’s inherent misogyny. This essay approaches the text from a feminist theory perspective, paying special attention to the role … Continue reading

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Learning to Fly

I see, at the summit—the height of the hill—this place people profess is paramount.I hesitate, not knowingif I could ever find it within me, the drive to climb so high.And what of my fear?I’m so afraid to fall. But they … Continue reading

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Only Days

the end of the semester is approaching like a piano falling from the fifth floor. will I be crushed? time will tell. I only have to finish a paper and take two finals, and then my performance will be assessed … Continue reading

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