Third Try…

I’ve made two previous attempts to add this post, each time inadvertently closing out the window on which I was typing. here I go again. I’ll try not to hit the “x” this time.

so I missed my first day of classes. I only had one class, and it was a big-ass lecture, so I doubt they missed me. I was getting out of the shower just as class began, so I figured, why bother going if I’m going to be fifteen minutes late? not a good excuse. I’ll do better tomorrow, I promise 🙂

anyway, last night I took the little boy to go stay with my mom for the semester, or at least until he gets his operation. he’s just too much to handle with his constant crying. when I got home, I felt really bad. my apartment isn’t the same place without him.

anyway…I guess that’s about it. I thought there was something else I wanted to tell you. . . but I’m not thinking of it. bye.

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