dell didn't sell

I listed the axim on ebay and only got two bids, falling roughly $70 short of the reserve. so I’ve listed it again, and I put the closing time on the auction at a more viable time of day. the last auction ended near 2am, which is just a bit late for some people. I’m hoping that if the auction ends at 9:30pm, more people will be willing to go online and make a bid. anyway…

I’m considering doing a study abroad course in summer session one.

it would be neat to visit london and stratford, but it seems like a lot of money. just so all of you know, you can make donations to my study abroad fund by going to and listing my email address as a recipient. it’s either that or I’m going to have steal money, and the statute of limitations on felony theft is five years, so I’d have to hide out.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    how much you want for it? can i type a 10 page paper on it? does it have wireless internet?


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