Get Out and Vote!

…and let me be specific here: let’s remove the fucking imbecile from office! do I think that Kerry will be the salvation of our nation? absolutely not. regardless who is in office, corporations/money will still be running things, but at least with kerry we wouldn’t have to continue to be exposed to the likes of such an obvious puppet. tool. anyway. here‘s an interesting piece that a friend forwarded to me about the election choice.

anyway…watching “supersize me” right now. it’s a pretty interesting documentary, really. my friend and I started off the movie by chowing our large combos from mcD’s. I am starting to not feel so good in my stomach, watching all of this. oh, well…I’m sure I’ll forget it all by tomorrow.

anyway, you might notice now that I have enabled comments on this blog, so be sure to respond to my posts, if you’re interested.

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