Month: December 2000


Addiction is a word that has become quite personally meaningful to me in the last few years. The very idea of addiction, in fact, has been more influential on my life than anything else. Before I was introduced to the idea of recovery, I considered addiction to simply be something that happens to people who […]

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Thoughts and feelings are all I haveTo tell me I am really hereBut these are tainted, so it seemsThey bring me often doubt and fearLiving seems to be a burdenEven when my conscience is clear I cannot know, only believeAnything that is beyond meIf then a peace I hope to findI must first find a […]

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A Day in the Life

Jan slowly looked up to the alarm clock that had been calling to her in her dreams as she began to realize that it was time for her to wake up. She reached out and hit the “snooze” button as her husband rolled over and began to snore. She lay back for a moment and […]

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